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We have been training professionals in aesthetic medicine since 2007

Online, hybrid and F2F workshops for doctors, dentists and assistants


Practice is the main focus of our training offer

An interactive hands-on approach to learn new techniques and deepen your knowledge


IPAM Masterclass brings together in one place the major experts in the field

A full day dedicated to aesthetic medicine with workshops, interactive sessions and practical clinical cases

“The human body is a temple, and as such must be cared for and respected at all times.”


Update your skills in aesthetic medicine

Our online and onsite training offer is designed to provide doctors, dentists and assistants with solid theoretical and practical skills, through an interactive approach.


Take a look at our selection

A selection of texts that comprehensively addresses all the aspects related to aesthetic medicine and its main treatments.


Get the right fillers from the best brands at a special price

A wide range of anti-aging products for professional use by the most renowned aesthetic medicine brands on the market.


Safe materials in Aesthetics

Nowadays, more and more people, both men and women, are resorting to non-permanent facial rejuvenation beauty treatments. With the aging, the skin begins to lack constituent substances such as elastin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. There are two non-permanent solutions available on the market: botulinum toxin and reabsorbable filler. The above-mentioned
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Ipam Masterclass: the date of the second edition is confirmed

Dear Colleagues, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to join IPAM 2021 that will take place on Saturday, November 13. I will be the scientific director for the eight-consecutive year and again, we decided to host a virtual event. As many of you already know, last February
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Professional liability policy in aesthetic medicine

The aesthetic doctor is a professional with a degree in medicine and surgery or dentistry, who works to improve the quality of life of those who feel discomfort due to a beauty problem; it also prevents skin aging and deals with the correction of face and body imperfections. It is
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The importance of sun protection and aesthetic treatments in the summer

Protecting the skin from the sunlight is a healthy and important habit. Dermatologists emphasize the importance of good protection from the sun. Sun exposure without the right precautions can cause various damages, such as dehydration, redness, sunburn, burns and erythema but also it can damage the natural skin system from
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Gynecology and Aesthetics: from appearance to functionality

Improving the appearance of the external genitalia is good for the self-esteem and sexuality, but also for functionality. The harmonious and proportionate appearance of the female external genitalia promotes greater self-esteem and consequently the recovery of a satisfying relational and sexual life. Changes in the genital area may be due
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Botulinum toxin a: despelling myths

When it comes to botulinum toxin, you really get all kinds of opinions. This is a common thought probably because of the image we have of Hollywood stars: extreme and truly unnatural facelifts, skins stretched to the limit, excessive “pumping” of cheekbones and lips. Everything is referred to the toxin
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Medical Rhinoplasty

The nose, thanks to its position in the face, is undoubtedly a feature that calls for attention, as it gives the face its own peculiarity, being one of the most characteristic features. Fortunately, nowadays there are non-invasive possibilities to correct some aesthetic defects of the nose that can be done
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Aesthetic medicine and smart working

Despite all the negative implications of Coronavirus on daily and economic life, the demand for aesthetic medicine in 2021 is growing and is destined to grow more and more in the future. We all thought that Covid and the continuous restrictions would diminish the desire to take care of the
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