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Tutoring and one-to-one courses


Medical Aesthetic offers a new tutoring service where doctors and dentists can assist qualified professionals during their daily practice.

The tutoring takes place entirely at the tutor’s clinic and is based on the principle of “learning by observing”.

This allows to:

  • learn the methods and techniques used by the mentor
  • experience first-hand the implications of outpatient and private practice
  • learn how to develop personalized strategies
  • optimize and plan medium-long term goals.

One-to-one courses

In the past few years, one-to-one training has been the go-to learning experience, gaining a growing consensus from professionals in the medical field.

Understanding, learning, perfecting, mastering: a learning formula centered on student-teacher connection that allows maximum levels of flexibility and in-depth analysis considering the personal needs.

Medical Aesthetic offers one-to-one fully customizable intensive training sessions, designed to allow each professional to benefit from tailor-made contents, based on specific interests and professions.

This method is best for those who need to:

  • progress: learning specialized techniques and skills to improve the professional level
  • improve: deepening of a specific topic of interest
  • coach: support in the development of new strategies or learning new techniques
  • perform: acquisition of skills to optimize professional performance