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We have been training professionals in aesthetic medicine since 2007

Online, hybrid and F2F workshops for doctors, dentists and assistants


Practice is the main focus of our training offer

An interactive hands-on approach to learn new techniques and deepen your knowledge


IPAM Masterclass brings together in one place the major experts in the field

A full day dedicated to aesthetic medicine with workshops, interactive sessions and practical clinical cases

“The human body is a temple, and as such must be cared for and respected at all times.”


Update your skills in aesthetic medicine

Our online and onsite training offer is designed to provide doctors, dentists and assistants with solid theoretical and practical skills, through an interactive approach.


Take a look at our selection

A selection of texts that comprehensively addresses all the aspects related to aesthetic medicine and its main treatments.


Get the right fillers from the best brands at a special price

A wide range of anti-aging products for professional use by the most renowned aesthetic medicine brands on the market.


Aging and skin: practical advice

Skin aging is caused by various factors, first of all exposure to the sun, which causes free radicals, which in turn cause oxidative stress, thus altering the cells and fibers of the skin. Other aggravating factors are smoking, alcohol and pollution. As we age, our body produces less collagen and
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The discovery of botulinum toxin for aesthetic use

Botulinum toxin is a rather recent discovery. Ophthalmologists, among all medical specialists, were the firsts to discover the great effects of botulinum toxin on the muscles, particularly for the treatment around the eyes. The credit of the first observations on the reduction of glabellar wrinkles, after the various applications
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Poly-L-Actic Acid: face and body sculptor

Polylactic acid is a synthetic polymer of lactic acid produced through its polymerization, obtained from the fermentation processes generally carried out by the bacteria of Lactobacillus. It is widely used in aesthetic medicine in the form of fillers and suspension threads as an alternative to plastic surgery. Its
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Aesthetic treatment of the gummy smile

The gummy smile, or gingival smile, is described as the exposure of a large band of keratinized gum, more than 2 mm, during the full smile. Although the causes are multiple, the final result always consists of a high smile line that can be located several millimeters above the gumline
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Hyaluronidase: an ally in Aesthetic!

Is it possible to cancel the effects of a treatment performed with hyaluronic acid in case you do not like the result? The answer to the question is: hyaluronidase. The term hyaluronidase identifies a class of different enzymes, capable of degrading some components of the extracellular matrix, such as hyaluronic
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Informed consent

The informed consent in medicine is the acceptance that the patient expresses a medical treatment, freely, and not mediated by anyone else, after being informed about the method of execution, the benefits, the side effects, and the reasonably foreseeable risks. It is a real document with legal value (law L.219
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