Aesthetic medicine for the perioral area – basic principles and clinical practice

This text on aesthetic medicine is configured as an excellent support for all aesthetic dentists who want to deepen the main methodologies through the use of absorbable fillers and botulinum toxin for the treatment of the perioral region.

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“I don’t think anyone in Italy can contradict the fact that I have been one of the pioneers in teaching dentists the techniques of esthetic medicine, as i have been doing since 2006-2007. After following my practical classes or taking the Master’s in the aesthetic of oral and perioral tissues in dentistry that is offered by the University of Padua, so many dentists daily and correctly use the techniques of aesthetic medicine in their studies to complete their dental treatment plans. Over these years I have found, as always happens to pioneers, numerous supporters (for the most part) and numerous opponents who believe that this interest of mine is not well-directed, if not even out of place, providing the definite article to a course on esthetic that in fact has not always been, even for me, within the limits of what a “degree in dentistry” has provided since its origins. Today numerous refresher initiatives intended for dentists flourish at every esthetic or dental conferences with sessions that are created for and focused on them. Therefore, I take this occasion to highlight the philosophy i have has more than once occasion to express at conference, courses and numerous session that at his point proliferate in the field of esthetic dentistry: dentists do not have to change jobs to become esthetic doctors, instead they have to learn how to be even more complete aesthetic dentists, if possible.

Thus the techniques of esthetic medicine that are described thoroughly in this book come to be a part of a broad specialty, dentistry, that in the modern age cannot do without also treating the perioral tissues as a completion of dental treatment plans.”

Prof. Alessio Redaelli

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