Medical Rhinoplasty – basic principles and clinical practice

This text on aesthetic medicine is essential for all aesthetic doctors who want to deepen the main methods through the use of absorbable fillers and botulinum toxin for the treatment of medical rhinoplasty.

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Drs. Redaelli and Braccini are to be congratulated for their very informative and practical treatise on the basic principles and clinical practice of non-invasive, medical rhinoplasty.
This comprehensive, well-illustrated text is replete with a wide array of clinical cases that covers the gamut of what a practicing physician might encounter when treating patients with naturally occurring or post-operative asymmetries of the nose.

This is a book that is well over-due. It is well written and easy to read. Its value is in its clear descriptions of basic nasal anatomy coupled with important biometrics necessary to accurately assess asymmetries and
anatomical anomalies that can be easily corrected by neurotoxin injections and soft tissue filler implantation. It is a technique oriented textbook that explains with abundant clinical photographs who, how,
where, when and how much to inject to obtain the desired aesthetic results.
There is a plethora of information on the history and anatomy and how it relates to facial aesthetics. This well written instructional manual addresses important principles of patient selection, documentation and
photography, all of which are essential aspects of clinical aesthetics.

The authors take an artistic approach to medical rhinoplasty, illustrating their techniques of neurotoxin and filler treatments in a very precise educational manner, which also include contraindications of therapy, selection of preferred products for certain outcomes and legal considerations. It is a concise but all encompassing handbook on how to improve unaesthetic changes that can occur in the nose in one’s lifetime due to chance, age or surgical interventions. After reading and digesting all the concepts emphasized in this book, the reader will be well-equipped with the knowledge that is necessary to manage different nasal defects, which, prior to the advent of neurotoxins and soft tissue fillers, were only correctable by surgical intervention.

This book is a must for any physician who cares for the aesthetic needs of their patients and who want a reliable, authoritative text to guide them in the proper and innovative ways in which to enhance the
aesthetic appearance of the nose.

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