Usually dermal fillers are injected using needles, but in everyday practice there are several advantages to preferring the use of blunt tip cannulas.

In fact, cannulas have many advantages, including an important reduction in discomfort during treatment compared to needles, the ability to treat large areas and the complete absence of bruises in areas at risk, especially in the periorbital area and lips. On top of these advantages, there are faster recovery time and last but not least, a lower risk of vascular occlusion. The indications are represented both by the large volumetric areas of the face and the localized areas such as cheekbones, temporal area, rhinoplasty, lips and mandibular border. On the market there are various types of cannulas in terms of sizes, both in length and in diameter. The expert will choose the most suitable cannula according to the product used and the area to be treated.

However, many doctors prefer the needle because it allows greater precision and in fact it is used for countless techniques. It is great for lips and suitable for any other area of ​​the face, but it comes with some disadvantages. It can tear tissues and small blood vessels, and due to its short length, it does require repeated insertions which can cause bruising and pain during treatment and facilitate intravascular injection of the product. Disadvantages that are eliminated or reduced by using cannulas.  

The experience and knowledge of the expert is the key aspect for the best outcome of any treatment.

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