The nose, thanks to its position in the face, is undoubtedly a feature that calls for attention, as it gives the face its own peculiarity, being one of the most characteristic features.

Fortunately, nowadays there are non-invasive possibilities to correct some aesthetic defects of the nose that can be done quickly and safely: medical rhinoplasty.
It is the most requested and performed aesthetic treatment, right after botulinum toxin, because you can correct the imperfections without the use of the scalpel.

Our Scientific Director Prof. Alessio Redaelli published the first article on medical rhinoplasty back in 2008, when no one believed it could be useful to reconstruct the nasal profile.
Today, in all aesthetic congresses, there are speakers talking about it and in some cases, there are entire sessions dedicated to the subject.

The indications have improved a lot and it is possible to treat nasal defects, in particular the nasal bridge, that were unthinkable a few years ago. It is a completely medical, non-surgical and totally NON-invasive technique based on the wise use of botulinum toxin, only in hyper mimic patients, and in the use of a filler.

It is also possible to correct many small post-surgical defects using the same technique. 

“My approach includes the use of botulinum toxin and cross-linked hyaluronic acid” says Prof. Redaelli. “I also understood the possible complications, such as ischemic vascular complications, which can especially affect the nasal tip and the glabellar area. This is the reason why I only use cannulas for this treatment: it allows you to perform the technique without any anesthesia and be very safe at the same time.”

If you want to learn the technique, click here.

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