The aesthetic doctor is a professional with a degree in medicine and surgery or dentistry, who works to improve the quality of life of those who feel discomfort due to a beauty problem; it also prevents skin aging and deals with the correction of face and body imperfections.

It is therefore advisable for the professional to have an adequate insurance coverage, which, as we now well know, is mandatory by law.

The medical professional insurance covers professional liability resulting from a slight or serious negligent act, whether it occurred in the diagnosis phase, in the choice of treatment, in the execution of treatment, or in the post-treatment phase.

Since August 2014, all board-certified doctors and dentists are forced to sign a civil liability policy. This policy guarantees the insured party protection from claims for damages made by third parties due to errors or omissions recorded prior to the treatment, during the procedure, or in the post-treatment phase.

Any freelance is required to have this policy, but also doctors who are employed or consultants and associate of hospitals, private or public. Doctors who practice their profession at any other institution, authorized to carry out health activities or even just to support health activities and services, are also obliged to take out a professional policy.

Thanks to the activation of a policy, the professional will be able to count on the protection of his assets and financial resources. The risks associated with a professional activity such as a mistake by the professional, in fact, can cause a request for reimbursement or compensation, the extent of which may be very high. With the protection guaranteed by the insurance, the professional will have at his disposal a complete policy capable of minimizing the possible risks associated with the regular conduct of his practice.

However, all the exclusion clauses must be considered, which represent an important limitation to the validity of the professional liability policy and must therefore be known in every detail to avoid having to deal with claims for damages not covered by regular medical insurance.
It is also necessary to deal with precise coverage limits: one of the main elements to consider is the coverage which represents the maximum amount that the company with which the contract is activated will pay out as compensation to the injured party.

It is advisable, therefore, to analyze with a critical eye all the policies available and to verify and investigate the issues that are the subject of this report with an expert broker whose “mission” is not only to sell a contract, but to give a valid and safe tool to its policyholders and to clearly highlight the limits of the contract.

There is a saying among people who live the mountains: “there is no good or bad weather, there is good or bad equipment”. In your profession, never rely on bad equipment: make sure you always have the best one!

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