The assistant of an aesthetic doctor is a person who is able, not only to assist and support the doctor during the treatments, but also to assist the patient before and after the treatment. The role of the assistant is fundamental starting from the welcoming of the patient, being the first point of contact between the doctor and the patient.

The assistant has a key role in managing patients and appointments’ agenda. S/he must have a great experience in the medical field and has to be updated on the latest techniques, and on the products the doctor is more comfortable using in the office.

S/he welcomes patients, makes them sit in the waiting room and directs them to the specialist, and consequently has the task of putting patients at ease, entertaining them with patience and, if necessary, reassuring them with professionalism about the possible consequences of the treatment.

As of today, there are no specific training requirements to become a secretary and/or medical assistant, although a training course is recommended to approach the profession. These courses, however, are not yet nationally recognized as there is no academic study course leading to a degree. The training offer in Italy is wide. There are courses that provide both basic socio-health training, and skills in administration and accounting, secretariat, document archiving, communication, and computer course. They also allow to learn how to use management software and programs that are commonly used for appointments in a doctors’ offices. Then, there are courses aimed at training in Aesthetics which include hints of anatomy and physiology of the skin, illustrate the main treatments in aesthetic medicine and the materials available on the market, current regulations and, have a focus on the importance of communication.

It important to remember that the assistant must be an empathic person, able to get in tune with the patient, and have good communication and listening skills.

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